Music and Tsotsoobi Band

The Tsotsoobi Band was originally formed in the 1980s by Nii Okai Ayibonte. The band played popular Ghanaian folk music and Hi-Life from the 1960s, 70s and 80s and other styles from neighbouring West African countries. The band at this time was made up of twelve young members from the Ga community, who were full of energy and brought in dance and performance in between songs. The group grew in popularity and by the mid 1980s were rubbing shoulders with Wulomei and performing at Embassies, National Arts Centres and State functions. 

By 1989 the band's activity slowed down and members sought other employment and opportunities. By this time Naa Darkua Quartey had given birth to Nii so ceased being the lead singer and dancer of the Tsotsoobi Band. Between 1990-2010, Nii Okai Ayibonte continued working on the project with other young musicians but couldn't achieve the same musical and performance level as previously before. 

In 2011, Naa Darkua Quartey decided to rejoin Nii Okai Ayibonte to revive the Tsotsoobi Band and they recorded their first new album in 2012, Ofatse Nyonmo (All Mighty God), with Nii Kwartey Owoo on drums. Through Nii's involvement in the group's revival, Nii Okai Ayibonte saw potential of working with Nii on the Tsotsoobi Band's development. 

From 2012, Nii took on the role as the Tsotsoobi Band's Artistic Director and Producer, recording the group's second comeback album, Mi Nyonmo (My Lord). From 2012 to present, the group has been busy rehearsing and recording new albums. The Tsotsoobi Band has started to perform again in GaMashie and is set to launch new concert dates soon.