The Harvest


This performance by Nii Kwartey Owoo is part of Seeding Art Currency from East Street Arts and artist, Janine Sykes.

'The Harvest' is Nii’s personal response to the struggle of hunger and sacrifice found in his community. Through rhythm and movement, this dance performance presents how cultures and beliefs have the power to unify people in finding solutions, in this piece to hoot at hunger.

Curator, Louise Dwyer, invites you to relate to seeding through dance and storytelling at this event showcasing Nii’s performance of 'The Harvest', which is based on the cultural significance of corn in Ghanaian culture and history. The event is a passionate live performance by Nii Kwartey Owoo in the Art Hostel space.

Interview with Nii can be found here.


West African Connections to Carnival


West African Connections to Carnival, at Leeds Central Library in Room 700 (July 2018) was a performance of traditional West African music, dance and song. The piece was devised by Nii Kwartey Owoo in response to the photography exhibition 'Island to Island: Journeys through the Caribbean' by Tim Smith. The event was supported by The Geraldine Connor Foundation.

Videos of the performance can be found here.